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Nojvii uplifts the warrior of Technology !!!

Nojvii is the reliable IT company, where IT Services can be fully explore to its threshold limit.

In 2022, We find Nojvii Enterprise

Mission or Challenges solve by company

Our company conducts courses which can placed in the best IT company so that their future brightens and boosts their Career.

We Provide Best Call Center Services Which May Help Our Clients To Grow Their Business. Our services in BPO :

  • Inbound Call Center Services. 
  • Outbound Call Center Services. 
  • Web – Enabled Services.

We provide IT infrastructure services to new companies who can keep their network secure and efficient, provide good service to their clients.

We also provide Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing ( VAPT ) service to IT company . Those whose IT network is very large and they do not compromise on security , then we will give them website penetration testing .

We also provide services of digital marketing to our client which helps them to grow in the market as clients come to them.

Nojvii unique from other as it provide the placement & give 100% assurment of upliftment

Our Company Uniqueness :-

We are different because we provide IT course training as well as give placement and in our company as a Trainer.

As our company also work in other fields like Business process outsourcing ( BPO ) .So , the company needs people to work in our call center and we will try work to give more and more jobs in our company.So this way will also increase employment .

We also give opportunities to Network Engineer , Cyber security Engineer , System Administrator Security Engineer to get job in our company as we have in :

  • IT Infrastructure Setup. 
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.

So , we are hoping we will be able to solve the lot of promblems among the technical or non technical students about the unemployement and can help them to get the job according to their qualification .

What do we serve ?

  • IT Courses
  • Call Center Services. 
  • IT Infrastructure Setup/Designing/Maintenance.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing(VAPT) Services.
  • Digital Marketing Services. 

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