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What is IT Infrastructure ?

An  organization’s  IT infrastructure (also known as information technology infrastructure) includes all of the hardware, software, and network resources that are necessary to deliver IT services within the organization. IT infrastructure can be used to deliver services or resources within an organization, or externally, to the organization’s customers. IT infrastructure is used by software application developers to enable their specific development methodology, or by many other types of organizations as a means of driving efficiency and value-creation through adoption of technology. 


1. Active

  •   Router
  •   Network Switches
  •   KVM Switches
  •   Modems : Framed/Unframed-  HDSL/MDSL/G.SHDSL
  •   Interface Modems
  •   LAN Extenders
  •   Interaface Converters
  •   TDM Over IP

2. Passive Products

  • Digital Co-Ax Cables

3. Accesories

  •    Information Outlet(Cat.6e Keystone Jacks)
  •    Patch Panel(Patch Panel/Cat6/16 Port  UTP)
  •    Patch Panel(Patch Panel/Cat6/24  Port UTP)
  •    Patch cord cat 6
  •    Face plate with shutter CAT 6

4. Fibre Products

  •    Fibre Media Converter
  •    Fibre Splicing Machines
  •    Optical OTDR(Optical Time Domain  Reflectometer)
  •    optical power meter
  •    Optical Toolkit
  •    Optical fibe talk sets
  •    Optical Modems:-1E1 to Optical,4/8E1 to Optical Multiplexer
  •    Fibre to Vedio Converter
  •    Fibre Media Converter Chassis  

5. Network Products

  •    Pentascanning Machine
  •    Digital Lan Tester
  •    Lan Tester

6. Rack & Accessories

  •    Wall Mount Rack
  •    Floor Standing Racks
  •    Server Rack

7. Security Products

  •    Firewalls
  •    Box Camera
  •    Bullet Camera
  •    Dome Camera
  •    UTP Camera
  •    Fishye Camera

8. Hardware

  •    Laptop
  •    Desktop


  •  We design IT Infra in new Company  as well as  Network Maintenance in  Old running companies.
  •  We provide Local area network or Wide Area Network Services.
  •  We also provide preventive maintenance services, such as real-time network  monitoring, remote backup services, security analysis and remediation and  anti-virus services.
  •  Setup a new IT Company, Hospitals, Hotels, BPO, Banks, College etc..

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